Since 2009, the number of organizations claiming to be sustainable has increased to over 73%.

Yet is this green glory something to celebrate or something to question with caution?

More than 95% of companies are guilty of greenwash.

Greenwashing refers to any misleading claim regarding an organization’s environmental efforts or the environmental benefits of a product or service.

Greenwash is a marketing tactic. A tactic used to deceive the moral consumer, like you and me, for corporate gain.

Greenwash as a marketing tactic, is wrong.

In this article, you’ll learn exactly what greenwashing is, why it is used, and how…

Using COVID-19 Adversity as a Business Opportunity


The above image comes from Lama El-Hatow, an environmental and social consultant at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), who recently gave an online talk hosted by Alternative Policy Solutions. The talk explained that once COVID-19 comes to an end, economic recession, climate change, and biodiversity collapse will follow. The illustration depicts these risks as tsunamis overshadowing business.

Do we have your attention?

We all ask when this disaster will end and how, but we need to keep in mind that there are a lot of other bigger crises that will follow” — Lama…

Jane Courtnell

I'm a Content Writer at Process Street. As a graduate in biology I look to see how science can solve business issues, mainly sustainability.

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